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Acquerello Real Estate

About us

Acquerello Immobiliare real estate agency was established in 1999. We help our clients to sell, lease, buy, manage and value both commercial and residential properties as well as holiday homes.

Holiday apartments

Our office and holiday apartments are located in Grado Pineta. This way we are able to manage them in a better way, being a benchmark both for summer tourists and for resident tenants as well as for the owners, who entrusted their flats to us.

In order to achieve the best results, for many years now we have been dealing with international tour operators and with the major booking portals. Actually we are very pleased that a lot of Italian and foreign loyal clients have been coming to Grado Pineta again and again, finding here such a safe and peaceful place they would not be able to find in other touristic centres.

Properties for sale

Regarding buying-and-selling, our main focus is on Grado Pineta, but we are open to possibilities in the surroundings as well.

Moreover we have built a solid network in the real estate industry in Grado, this way extending our offer to encounter your needs whatever they may be.

In this delicate moment, we help potential customers with video-calls in order to allow them to visit the apartment they are interested in, completely online, without having them coming to Grado personally.

When determining the pricing of a house we consider the current market values, the cadastral certificates and the land registry documents, offering this way a fair and up-to-date evaluation. We follow clients during the negotiations dynamically and impartially from the preliminary agreement to the deed further to the transfer of utilities.

We also offer an accurate after-sales service by cooperating with local professionals for renovations.

We work together with professional translators and interpreters, in order to help our foreign customers to understand and feel confident with all the Italian bureaucracy.


Find our office

Viale Orsa Maggiore, 57
34073 Grado -GO- Italia
Tel. (+39) 0431 876343
Fax: (+39) 0431 876271
from 15th May to 14th October

from 15th October to 14th May

MON-SAT 9.15-12.30; 16.00-19.00

MON-SAT 9.30-12.30; 15.00-18.00

Open on Sundays and Holidays from the 4th Sunday of March to the 3rd Sunday of September.


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